From the Greats of the Past...

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To the Greats of the Present . . .

We Salute and Congratulate

No Talent AZ Clowns  

for Winning the 2007 Congressional Softball League Tournament.

Runners-Up team, Showboats
Third Place team, Resolutionaries
Fourth Place team, DAI Stingers

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(Lots of photos -- please be patient.)

Congratulations to the Champion No Talent AZ Clowns (Senators McCain and Kyl, Reps. Flake and Kolbe) who hit 6 home runs in the final game.

The Runners-up Showboats (Management Systems International) who opened both championship games with a home run, pose after a long day.

Defending Champion Resolutionaries (Search for Common Ground) placed third and pose with Peso.

Fourth Place...DAI Stingers (Development Alternatives, Inc.) round out this year's Final Four teams.

The Champion No Talent AZ Clowns (Senate & House offices of McCain, Kyle, Flake and Kolbe) huddle around Coach Mark Bruegger after losing a close game in extra innings.

After the final game , the No Talent AZ Clowns Coach, Mark Bruegger, shakes hands with the Runners-up Showboats team's lead-off batter who hit home runs to begin both championship games.


The Runners-up Showboats Coach, Susan Aldersley, congratulates players from the Champion No Talent AZ Clowns.

The motion of a home run hitter's swing. This Showboats player led off both championship games with a home run.

This "Lefty" hit his first of 2 home runs in the game for the No Talent AZ Clowns .

An identical swing results in another home run...this time a three-run homer.

The No Talent AZ Clowns congratulate their slugger at home plate after his second home run of the game.

The Showboats hit several times to the right side like this player pushing her hit to right field.

Another player for the Showboats team blasts the ball down the first base line for a double.

This hit to right field will score the Showboats runner on first base.

Not to be outdone, this No Talent AZ Clowns' batter pushes his hit to the right side.

Defensively, both teams played well...even when the Showboats shortstop let the ball roll through his legs, the outfielder threw out the No Talent AZ Clowns runner at third base.

The view of action from behind home plate of the Showboats pitcher.

The No Talent AZ Clowns pitcher delivers a low pitch with very little spin.

After catching a fly ball for the final out, No Talent AZ Clowns players begin their celebrations.

Peso relaxes while Commissioner Caruso observes a close game in the 29th tournament he has directed.

At the final day's start, the final four trophies await their new homes.

Peso and Trophies

After a quick sniff, Peso discovers that the final four trophies are made of wood and marble, not something delicious.


Peso Annoyed

By the end of the day as the sun sets, having arrived at 8 AM, Peso gives that look that asks,
"Can't I get a little rest around here?"


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