From the Greats of the Past...

Joe DiMaggio Babe RuthBoston PlayerClemente, Mays and Aaron

To the Greats of the Present . . .

We Salute and Congratulate Repeat Champions

BALCO Bombers

for Winning the 33nd Congressional Softball League Tournament in 2011.

Runners-Up team, Showboats
Third Place team, Overdrafts
Fourth Place team, A-Team

Team League Rankings Used for 2011 Group Play

Competition of the final four teams played for the championship.
(Through Dazzling Dozen© team play.)


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The 33rd Annual Tournament play

Peso relaxes while Commissioner Caruso observes another close game in the 30th tournament he has directed.

At the final evening's start, the championship and other final four trophies await their presentations and new homes.

Peso Annoyed

By the end of the day as the sun sets, having arrived at 8 AM, Peso gives that look that asks,
"Can't I get a little rest around here?"


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