The Paul E. Myers Memorial Trophy
was presented after play in the
Mike Synar Memorial Final Four

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Congratulations to the 1998 Final Four & Championship Team:

Syracuse University Orange Crushers

Runners-up Team: Crude & Unrefined
Third Place Team: Yellow Journalists
Fourth Place Team: Bullfeathers

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 Paul E. Myers
Co-founder of the Tournament,
Rules Expert who wrote the tournament's rules and Yellow Journalists' Player/Coach.

Click here for 1998 tournament game-by-game bracket and results
(Requires adobe acrobat reader.)

U.S. Rep. Mike Synar
Athlete, Friend and Sponsor/Player
of the Synar Oklahoma Scissortail Flycatchers softball team.

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This year the championship trophies were named after the late Paul Myers, co-
founder of the tournament, rules expert and coach of the Yellow Journalists,
who passed away during the Christmas holiday. The Yellow Journalists' dugout
displayed his picture and the caption, "Play like a champion and win 'em for
the Tipper...of large glasses of beer."

While Softball Commissioner Gary Caruso inspects the Andrews Air Force Base
fields before each evening's play, his dog Potamus helps inspect the outfields
by retreiving a toy and sprinting back to the infield. The hanger housing
Presidential jet Air Force One is in the background beyond left field.

Prior to the final night's competition, Potamus rolled in right field in an
effort to smooth out clumps of cut grass. Only one day of competition was
postponed due to rain, and most evenings were without clouds and well above
normal temperatures.

After winning the first game of the evening against the Yellow Journalists,
the Energy Department team, Crude and Unrefined (shown above), defeated the
Syracuse Alumni team, Orange Crushers, thus forcing a final game against the
Orange Crushers. The season for both teams would come down to one game.

As veteran umpire Mike Lewan calls the balls and strikes at the plate in the
final game, the Orange Crushers' dugout looks on during their last at bat in
the championship game. (Team members were discussing buying spikes for this
batter who played in his tennis shoes.)

After squeezing the final out, the Orange Crushers infielders and players in
the dugout congratulate each other as umpire Mike Lewan turns back towards
home plate. (Note that the clear night lets the crescent moon shine above the
players' outstretched arms.)

The Orange Crushers celebration begins when the outfielders join the team in
the infield as Crude and Unrefined's coach Len Tao (number 9) congratulates
the champions.

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Commissioner Caruso presents the Paul E. Myers Championship Trophy to Rick
Sauter, coach of the Orange Crushers (left) and the Runner-up Trophy to Len
Tao, coach of Crude and Unrefined (right).

The final three coaches display their Paul E. Myers trophies. L-r: Gatorade-
drenched Rick Sauter of the Champion Orange Crushers, Greg Budnik and Gary
Caruso of the tournament's host team and Third Place Yellow Journalists, and
Len Tao of the Runner-up team Crude and Unrefined.

The 20th Anniversary Championship Orange Crushers, sponsored by the local
Syracuse Alumni Association, pose with the first Paul E. Myers trophy.

Department of Energy's Crude and Unrefined team displays the 20th
Anniversary Runner-up Trophy.

The Third Place team, Yellow Journalists, and team mascot Potamus pose prior
to the championship round of competition.

The Final Five...the diehard Yellow Journalists who do not leave the field
until every beer is drunk, nor leave the bar until it is closing
time...commandeer the camera for a picture with the final three coaches. L-r:
Orange Crushers Coach Rick Sauter, Greg Budnik, Craig Sirkin, John Decker, Pat
Jones, Crude and Unrefined Coach Len Tao, Tina DiPietro, and Yellow
Journalists Coach Gary Caruso.

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