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CSL Point System, Explained

For two teams that are tied in the rankings, winning the game is worth 10 points and losing the game costs 10 points. So when two teams with 100 points play each other, for example, the winning team will have 110 points while the losing team will end up with 90 points. 

If a lower ranked team beats a higher ranked team, both are affected by bonus points.  The rate is 20% of the difference between the two teams.  For example, if a team with 80 points beats a team with 120 points, the bonus is an 8 points (20% of 40 points).  The bonus is added to the winner's total and subtracted from the loser's total. In this example, the winning team with 80 points ends up with 98 (10 for the win and an 8 point bonus) while the losing team with 120 points ends up with 102 (minus 10 for the loss as well as minus the bonus amount of 8 points).
The points are awarded based on the ranking of the team at the time of the game.  That is important for this league, which is a very casual league.  The rankings may vary from week to week so that a team that was highly ranked at the beginning of the season may be ranked lower at the end...and vice versa.   Remember, teams get credit for beating a highly ranked team at its peak, even if that team later stumbles. 

One exception: A win or loss by forfeit is worth only half the points of a completed game.


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