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Games scheduled within the next 7 days:

Date Visitors Home Location
8/21/2014Oil Barons (40)wildCARDS (60) 
8/21/2014Uncle John's Band (140)Vampire Bats (75) 
8/21/2014DC Transplants (115)Naked Shorts, The (148)TBD - The Mall 
8/21/2014DC N8IV's and miSFits (100)ADW Bats (70)National Mall 
8/21/2014Naughty Fingers (85)Masters of Disaster (150)TBD 
8/21/20141st Effin' Amendments (40)Read The Fine Print (74)Mall 
8/25/2014Non-Pros, The (88)Ale Stars (formerly B-L-L-unders) (46)East Potomac 16 
8/25/2014Fallen Angels (118)Bones Brigade (180)Tip of Hains Point 
8/26/2014Washington Bashionals, The (123)Gold Standard, The (140) 
8/26/2014Unfunded Mandates, The (29)Read The Fine Print (74)Mall 
8/27/2014SmartBriefers, The (90)Carlos and Friends (101) 
8/27/2014Catalyzers (60)Watchdogs (45)The Mall, near corner of 15th and Constitution (TBD) 
8/27/2014Smell the Glove (150)Naughty Fingers (85) 
8/27/20141st Effin' Amendments (40)The Daddies (155)Mall 
8/27/2014Raising Arizona (145)BSD Online Tools, The (120)TBD - National Mall 
8/27/2014Softball Against Humanity (222)Softball with Chris Matthews (79) 
8/27/2014Peace Corps Villagers (124)GSPM Politricks (135)Mall 
8/27/2014Censeo Reds (39)The 'A' Team (81)National Mall TBD 
8/27/2014All Vols (104)Thornton's Thunder (16)TBD 

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