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Games scheduled within the next 7 days:

Date Visitors Home Location
7/2/2015Vampire Bats (90)Bada Bings (114)Squat 
7/2/2015Baltimore Oracles (114)Cases Loaded (106)West Potomac Park #12 
7/2/20151st Effin' Amendments (95)Economic Hitmen (70)National Mall area or Ellipse  
7/2/2015One Hitters (155)Uncle John's Band (125)20th St NW & constitution ave NW, bottom of the hill by Vietnam memorial 
7/6/2015Five Pound Bass (60)Ale Stars (formerly B-L-L-unders) (70)Hains Point 
7/6/2015Crimson (0)Masters of Disaster (140)TBD 
7/6/2015Transport This! (85)Grunley Bears 1 (95)East Potomac Park #15 
7/7/2015Washington Bashionals, The (80)Service Nationals (116)National Mall 
7/7/2015Thornton's Thunder (70)Fallen Angels (110)Hains Point 
7/7/2015Triskelions (125)SmartBriefers (110)East Potomac Park #15 
7/8/2015One Hitters (155)Will's Gunns (formerly VA is for Lovers) (0)TBD 
7/8/2015BSD Tools, The (125)1st Effin' Amendments (95)National Mall area or Ellipse  
7/8/2015PBGC All-Stars (150)Mitches Get Stitches (50)Hains Point 
7/8/2015RNC (90)Peace Corps Villagers (86) 
7/8/2015NAB's Big Sticks (96)Caught Looking (70)TBD 
7/8/2015Softball with Chris Matthews (80)GSPM Politricks (130)Mall 
7/8/2015Non-Pros (100)DAI Stingers (70)900 Ohio Dr SW, Washington, DC 20024 
7/8/2015U.S. National Recreational Softball Team (154)Economic Hitmen (70)National Mall or Ellipse 

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