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Games scheduled within the next 7 days:

Date Visitors Home Location
6/27/2017Fallen Angels (90)Read The Fine Print (95)Hains Point 5:30pm 
6/27/2017NAB's Big Sticks (80)BGLOVES (130) 
6/27/2017Washington Bashionals, The (80)DNC Jack Asses (85)National Mall 
6/28/2017Scope Creeps (formerly Mitches Get Stitches) (90)U.S. National Recreational Softball Team (175)JFK Hockey Fields, Field 5 
6/28/2017Get Off Our Lawn (0)Economic Hitmen (85) 
6/28/2017Unfunded Mandates, The (108)SIGTARP Watchdogs (90) 
6/28/2017Gold Standard, The (90)Catalyzers (65) 
6/28/2017One Hitters (110)Harmless Errors (85)Unless you have a permit/better field, 20th and Constitution, here:'26.7%22N+77%C2%B002'43.1%22W/@38.8907452,-77.047503,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x0!8m2!3d38.890741!4d-77.04 
6/28/2017Censeans, The (106)DICK-TATERS (95)Mall - between WWII memorial and lincoln monument, on the left if looking at Lincoln 
6/29/2017USTC Marvel's Mayhem (95)Bones Brigade (140) 
6/29/2017Alphabet Soup (0)DNC Jack Asses (85)Field 11 Near Lincoln Memorial 
6/29/2017BGLOVES (130)Cases Loaded (70)National Mall TBD 
6/29/2017Cases Loaded (70)Oil Barons (90)National Mall TBD 
6/29/2017Bada Bings (130)Naked Shorts, The (160) 
6/29/2017Scared Hitless (90)MoneyBaller$ (FRB/CFPB OIG) (115)National Mall 
Congressional FCU

Congressional FCU

Congressional FCU

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